General Informations


The Hungarian Sommelier Association

The MASOSZ (Hungarian Sommelier Association) was founded in 2011 by enthusiastic professionals who reflected upon the current issues of the local food and beverage sector and believed in innovative aproaches to adequate and continued training and education of the fellow members with a variety of backgrounds and  experiences.  (Total membership as of 2018: 120.)

It aims to make a significant contribution to promoting food and drink culture by raising awareness on it as part of the cultural heritage as well as involving different actors of the sector and fostering dialogue among them. The MASOSZ inspires also to enhance the propagation of awareness and consumptions of quality wine and other alcoholic beverages and to take care for the appropriate professional qualification of the sommelier staff. Its particular purpose is to provide professional platform and networking that serve as an asset to all its members.

To achieve its objectives, the most important regular activities of the MASOSZ comprise:

  • the organization and execution of the annual National Sommelier Championship (which has been taking part since 1992) in 2 rounds,
  • the presentation of the Par Excellence Award established in 2014 to recognize annually the professional achievements in 5 categories (producer, merchant, restaurant, educator, writer) and honour the winners at a ceremony,
  • arranging for its members group tours to visit producers (wineries, breweries, distilleries) inside and outside the country,
  • inviting emerging and established producers to present themselves and offer tasting for selected participants in cooperation with a restaurant or bar,
  • holding training sessions for improving skills and abilities of its members and invited guests,
  • certifying teachers for earning credentail to give classes at post-secondary level on subjects related to the sommelier profession.

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